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    Importing Inventor files to SW 14'

    Tom Happy


      I'm having trouble importing Inventor files into SW 14, .ipt and .iam. It acts like its processing, but hangs for a while then goes idle. I have updated my Inventor Viewer to 2016, turned on feature works add on, now am at a stand still. I believe the files are from a 2016 version of Inventor. I have not had this problem with any Inventor files before. The files open fine in the Inventor Viewer, so I know the files are not corrupt. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!






      I do get this rather vague error file on each part I tried to open:


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          Ingvar Magnusson

          If you are trying to open 2016 inventor files, you probably need to have inventor viewer 2016 installed. Might not work since you are using SW14.


          I would probably ask for parsolid file e.g. ".x_t" of the part/assembly, not newer then version 26 if I remember right so you can open it in SW14 or upgrade SW14 to SW16.


          Another possibility would be to install older inventor viewer e.g. inventor viewer 2014 i.e. the files are from an older version.