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Design table in assemblies

Question asked by Scott Kenny on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by Jan Van Leeuwen

Hi all


I recently made the transition from Solid Edge to Solid Works and am now trying to set up templates for various "tooling" assemblies. I am looking to drive the geometry of 10-20 components using a linked spreadsheet (this is incredibly easy in solid edge). I have created a number of "reference geometry" sketches within an assembly and am now working on linking them to a spreadsheet & components. the issue I am having is that my design table only seems to recognise a small number of dimensions, and only seems to pick them up within the first two sketches (total of 6 reference sketches).


is there a limit to the amount of dimensions / sketches usable in a design table? I think the design table is picking up around 9 out of 40 dimensions that need to be driven from a spreadsheet.


any help is greatly appreciated