Lee Macklem

Installation Not Clean/Windows Installer Issues

Discussion created by Lee Macklem on Oct 18, 2007
I did an update of Solidworks 2007 from sp2.2 to 4.0. Afterinstallation every time I launched Solidworks the Windows installerwould pop up a number of times until the application loaded. OnceSolidworks was running the eDrawings application would not work.Ithen uninstalled and did a clean install of 2007 sp 0.0 and updatedto 4.0. I had the same issues. I then uninstalled again and removedall keys associated to Solidworks from the registry. Did anotherinstall and have the same issues. My local Var has no solution atthis time. My IT person did all Windows updates possible andcleaned the registry again and still have the same issue.Doesanyone have a solution other than reformat my hard drive and startover?