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Helix pitch, height and diameter to follow a sketch (not along a sketch)

Question asked by Stuart Gunn on Jan 11, 2016
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This is a weird question and I'm not sure if there is an answer, i'm after defining a helix by using a path but not in the normal sense.

Best way to describe it is to imagine a water droplet, point at the top tapering down to a sphere at the bottom.

Now, I want to make a helix that has the pattern of the droplet so that i can use the helix to sketch a curve that has the shape of the droplet.


I know the easy way would be to draw the droplet and use a helix to cut out the sections until its right but i was wondering if i could create the droplet with a helix.

It doesnt have to be done on one helix as several of the same could be repeated in a pattern to make the final shape.


Thanks in advance