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How make make the path of a chain dynamicly.

Question asked by Tingyu Xin on Jan 11, 2016

I build a 3D model with SolidWorks and want to do the Motion Analysis on it.

The model looks like in the follow picture.


Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160111164630.jpg

When doing the simulation, both of the two arms will be lifted up which are connected by the chain and gear. I applied the rack and pinion mate on them.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160111165001.jpg

The chain is built by the chain component pattern function. The chain goes along a path which moves with the lower arm to driven the upper arm rise.

When I put the model into the Motion Analysis,  the chain won't go with the path. Therefore, the model will be really odd.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160111165555.jpg

The path moves with model, but the chain still leave there.

Can anyone help?


Thank you very much.