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Custom Properties and Equations for use in BOM Tables

Discussion created by Jody Stiles on Oct 18, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2008 by Eddie Cyganik
We use a set of custom properties in our parts and assemblies(TitleLineOne, TitleLineTwo, and PartNumber).  I would like touse these values in the BOM table but am having trouble writing anequation in the part/assembly to set my custom properties equal tothe SW pre-defined properties (Description and Part Number,respectively).  I found a post in the forums indicating that Ishould use Description = $PRP:"Property1"$PRP:"property2" (mine is Description =$PRP:"TitleLineOne" $PRP:"TitleLineTwo") but I get a "The syntax of this equation isincorrect" pop-up.  I've tried Description =$PRP:"TitleLineOne" + $PRP:"TitleLineTwo"but still get the syntax error.  The only way I have been ableto get past the syntax error is to use Description ="TitleLineOne" + "TitleLineTwo" but doingthis gives me the red exclamation point and returns a value of"???" in the model tree.

Can someone point out what I am doing wrong?

I would also like to know the syntax to generate the SW pre-definedPart Number value for use in the BOM table (something like PartNumber = ...)

Thanks in advance for any help