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distributed computing

Question asked by Marcus Merideth on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by Marcus Merideth

Any news on the timing for this feature?  Was supposed to be in 2016 and info on website.



Distributed Computing for Simulation Solver







Distributed Computing for Simulation allows Product Engineers using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional or SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium to take advantage of idle resources of other networked computers for boosting the productivity of the engineering team.


Distributed computing provides the opportunity to set up simulation that can run over many computers linked together via a communication network. By launching the distributed simulation network client, Product Engineers can:

  • Offload tasks from your computer and run simulation on other computers on the network
  • Run larger simulations
  • Improve performance
  • Node computers connected to the coordinator computer on the same network domain
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Network Client installed on the coordinator and node computers connected on the same network domain
Would really like to use it if available.