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    how to add item to bom

    Henry Diem

      To All,


      I am using SW 2016 SP 1 - I had this same problem with 2014 and 2015.


      When I add a part or sub-assembly to an assembly, then go to the drawing to see the items are added.

      If the part or sub-asm is not listed, i try and added to BOM - Insert row. the part is not listed even if I try typing the info.


      Why is the item not listed? I have to delete the BOM and re-enter. - this is a non-productive fix.




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          Glenn Schroeder

          Have you tried a Ctrl+Q rebuild on the drawing after adding the additional components in the assembly?

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            Henry Diem

            Thanks for the idea... but I tried that first. I did try it again and the part did not show.

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              Bob Van Dick



              I have had this problem occasionally and I have found that if I delete the BOM, and bring it in again, the added component appears.  This doesn't always work, but has for me in the past.



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                Chris Sargent

                The BOM is generated from a selected view.  The view has a configuration.  If a line appears in your BOM that is not filled out that means the custom properties are not filled out.  If an line item does not show up in your BOM then that part/assembly is not part of the selected view's configuration that was used to generate the BOM.  You could've accidentally inserted the part/assembly to a sub-assembly and not the highest level assembly.  Or your part/assembly is part of another configuration that was not used to generate the BOM.  Double check to make sure that the box isn't checked for exclude from bill of materials in the part/assembly properties.


                Don't forget to check your properties for the BOM itself.  You can choose how lines in your BOM are number and ordered.


                Good luck...


                If you have BOM bubbles that don't match the BOM numbers.  Then that part/assembly is part of a different configuration.

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                    Henry Diem



                    Yes, I checked all your suggested areas.


                    So far, I have tried all this threads suggestions, except the macro. I sent the problem to our VAR and support is checking the problem.


                    For know I will continue to delete BOM and re-enter which is working - just wastes valuable time.


                    Thanks to all

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                        Chris Sargent

                        This really sounds like a configuration problem.  Are you typing line items in to the BOM or are you letting SW automatically populate the BOM?


                        1. The part/assembly you are adding are not part of the highest level assembly that the drawing is being generated from


                        2.  Your BOM is coming from a view with a different configuration that your part/assembly are not unsuppressed in.

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                            Henry Diem



                            1. I let the BOM populate from properties or metadata.

                            2. The hardware, which is entered from the "Toolbox" - has the Name typed - but the part number is populated by properties.

                            3. After BOM is inserted to drawing, I do type the names into the BOM.

                            $. No leaks are broken - SW does not warm me of any leaks breaking.


                            We use our company created Toolbox. This Toolbox have our part numbers and hardware inserted.

                            The BOM is also a custom BOM - but we used the supplied BOMs, "Save-as" and Edit.



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                        David Stone



                        If you balloon the newly inserted sub-asm or part, does the balloon contain an item number or an asterisk?


                        If it's an asterisk it would suggest that it's either configuration issue (which you seem to have already discounted) or the newly inserted part/sub-asm is set to be not listed in the BOM for some reason.


                        The other possibility would be if you inserted the new items as envelopes (which don't list in BOMs) but they also don't necessarily display in the drawing unless set to do so.   I suspect this is not the case but it was one other thing that occurred to me.



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                          Craig Schultz

                          It is as you stated....delete, add bom, then go through and hide the components you don't want.


                          I do have an SPR 929377 out there that asks to have a dynamic BOM like composer.  It would only add the lines to the bom of parts/sub assemblies which have a balloon attached.  It would be a huge time saver.

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                            Wayne Zeak

                            try this, in the feature manager move that new item up one spot, save, check the bom is it there?

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                              Harold West

                              I have this problem on a regular , , this is what works for me

                              1. Select the view that has the bom associated with it.

                              2. On the left scroll down to and click on "More Properties"

                              3. On the "View Properties" tab

                              4. Look in the "Balloons" Section and Uncheck "Link Balloon text to . . . "

                              5. press OK and rebuild drawing

                              6. Then go back and select the view that will have the bom associated with it

                              7. Go back the the "Balloons" section on the "View Properties" tab and recheck the "Link Balloon text to . . " box

                              8. click OK and done . .


                              Hope this helps

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                                Steven Dod

                                Did you verify this checkbox is checked?  We had issues similar to yours and discovered this got unchecked in our template.


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                                    Dan Dunst

                                    I think I just found it.

                                    I have a little different scenario where I had hidden (delete row) a part from the BOM and wanted to get the row back.

                                    Insert row above adds a new row and renumbers.

                                    Select the bill and right click, select "show Row/Column" and it shows all the rows.  the hidden ones are in blue.  you can then select or unselect which you want to show.

                                    I would think the new part would be in here as well.


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                                    Dan Pihlaja

                                    I have seen this problem before and, instead of deleting the BOM, I do the following:


                                    1) Add the part Assembly

                                    2) Switch to drawing and CTRL Q to see is BOM is updated.

                                    3) If BOM is not updated, then switch back to assembly and set component to "Exclude from BOM"

                                    4) Go back to drawing and CTRL Q

                                    5) Switch back to assembly and set component to not be "exclude from BOM"

                                    6) Go back to drawing and CTRL Q.


                                    That is easier than replacing the BOM (especially if you have added columns and other things to it that you would have to recreate).


                                    Has worked every time for me.