Kane Riggenbach

Add custom property (e.g. text) to a 3D Sketch Point?

Discussion created by Kane Riggenbach on Jan 10, 2016

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions/advice for how to solve the following problem. 


Problem: Is there a way to add a custom text property to a 3D sketch point? Specifically, I'd like to assign a text data (i.e. an name or description) to be stored with the sketch point so that I could export the sketch points' coordinates and whatever text I assign to it. Below is an image of the 3D point property manager that pops up when you click on a 3D sketch point.  I'd like to include a new text box field at the bottom of the property manager.


Background:  For several projects I'm responsible for building center-line geometries of piping systems (from drawings provided by several different manufacturers/designers).  The intent of the models is to locate the x, y, and z, coordinates of key features (girth welds, supports, instrumentation, etc. for analysis).  Theses models are currently built using excel spreadsheets to run from point to point, as shown in the extremely simplified table below:


Point ID
Weld 101


Support 1020


However, I'd really like to build these models by simply creating a 3D sketch and drawing lines from point to point. Not only would this method be faster and less prone to errors, but it would also provide a quick view of the resulting model. I have found a macro that allows me to export the x,y,z coordinates of each sketch point, however I still need to associate a name and or description with each sketch points' x, y, z coordinate that is exported.  Hence I was wondering if it would be possible to add a custom text field to store data in the 3D point property manager.


Thanks for any feedback or advice!  i'd also be completely open to any other ideas people might have as to how to solve this problem.