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How get property in file of Solidworks2015

Question asked by テ ソ ン キ ム on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by テ ソ ン キ ム


I have a problem.

My application open solidworks files.

It was to be able to open solidworks2013's file, But It is can't open SolidWorks2015's.

I debuging source. And i know one.

first. error happened at "StgOpenStorage".

I think the reason that solidworks2013's file is "compound file" But 2015 is not.

So. I Changed method to use from "StgOpenStorage" to "StgOpenStorageEx"

I set STGFMT_ANY IN "StgOpenStorageEx". And I solved error.

But!! (Start ask from here)

Next of that source. My application get propperty inform use by IPropertySetStorage.Open.


IStorage *pStorage = NULL;

hr = ::StgOpenStorageEx(wcFilename, openMode | STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE, STGFMT_ANY,
0, NULL, NULL, IID_IPropertySetStorage, (void **)&pStorage);

IPropertySetStorage *pPropSetStg = NULL;
hr = pStorage->QueryInterface(IID_IPropertySetStorage, (void **)&pPropSetStg);

IPropertyStorage *pCustomPropStg = NULL;
hr = pPropSetStg->Open(FMTID_UserDefinedProperties,openMode | STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE, &pCustomPropStg); <- return err


um...I think the reason about this problem. method of Open, try to open solidworks2015's file by STGFMT_STORAGE(or anyother get rid of STGMT_ANY)

But, I don't know how can i solve this problem. Please teach me. Thank you!