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Attaching a weldment to a flexed surface

Question asked by Marc Weersink on Jan 9, 2016
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First time poster on here. I am trying to get some good drawings of a part that I have physically made. I am using the flex feature to create a 90 degree helix between two trimming planes - all is good here. However, I am having a nightmare trying to figure out how to attach the middle weldment onto the flexed surface (either before or after). In reality I am able to grind the small 'branch' attachment down on an angle, add more weld than necessary, and then grind that down smooth.


I'm not too worried about the lower and upper branches because I can attach those on after the flex has taken place. Also, the interior curve of the weldment on the top and bottom are slightly chamfered after the flex. Any and all help is very much appreciated!