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SW 2016 Functionality

Question asked by Rob Haman on Jan 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by Ed Cyganik

I've read some rather extensive, and negative, posts in regard to the new interface in '16. What I've not seen much, if any of, is a discussion about the changes to the various tools, IE: sketch, extrude, etc. A coworker and I went to a luncheon in which a 2 hour presentation of '16 was given. Sitting in an audience and only watching, it seemed as if there were at least a few "upgrades" to how these operations were carried out.


The topic of upgrading to the 2016 version was brought up in our office last week. Based solely on this 2 hour presentation, I suggested that one of the senior engineers get familiar with it through some testing to which the reply was; "it can't be that much different". I beg to differ.


So, beyond the visual changes, what other aspects of the new version is causing problems? Or, solving old ones?