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Solidworks PDM (EPDM)functionality questions

Question asked by Ethan Kay on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by Charley Saint

So I am working on setting up the new SolidWorks PDM Standard software and the help files and admin guide don't seem to be much help for an admin.  I've implimented PDM Works and SmarTeam so I'm trying to understand what SW-PDM can do or not that i have done in one or both of the other programs.  Here's a list of questions:


1) Can you set a user or group to only be able to see the last version in a specific state?  Purchasing can only ever see the latest version of a file that is in the "Released" state.


2) How do you set a variable to populate the Custom tab vs. configuration specific properties tab? In PDM Workgroup and Smarteam this was just a check-box, I don't even see how to set it in EPDM.


3) Seriously, you can't auto generate a number without paying 15k for PDM Pro?


4) Can you require multiple users to approve at a state before it moves through a transaction?


5) Can you overlay rules so a user has to be in two different groups to have permissions for moving a file?


There will be more but I haven't found them yet.