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Reduce waste in navigation through SolidWorks Forums

Question asked by Boyko Tchavdarov on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2016 by Kelvin Lamport

Hi All,
As a new active  User of SW Forums I found that it is not easy to navigate through it. There are may menus/links/points to be improved so that we don't waste time to find and go whatever and wherever we need to do. Below are few examples. Please add more to this discussions so that the SW Forum Team takes notes and implement those in the next update of the Forums.


1. When I visit or update my profile I always read "You have not updated your status yet" - Very well but what does it mean?! - Why this text is not a hyper-text and by one click only to bring me to the action of updating my status?! I am still not able to do it - please advise.
2. Similar about the note  "This user does not have a blog." - Actually, I  don't know if any User can create a Blog or not? - I went to the Blog section but neither I find "Create" action nor a note saying who and how can create a Blog.  I wish I or someone create an OPEN Blog "SW Flow Simulation".
3. Simulation and Flow Simulation in SW are quit different applications and each grew a lot in its own direction in the last 10 years. Because of the complexity which the Simulation reached today and the required experience and knowledge for both, less and less SW Users do both type of simulations FEA and CFD. I would recommend to Separate those two in different Spaces.

4. There is no clear definition to me what is a Space in SW Forum? - Is Blog a space? - If so, it should be in the list of Spaces, Why there is no Space "Ideas and Suggestions" where any suggestion is automatically registered as an Enhancement Request and any Idea (not only top 10) is carefully considered for near or long term implementation too.
5. Space and Group are totally different things and they have to be in separate Main Menus. Sometimes a Group has only two members with little to no activity at all. I would suggest that if a Group is inactive for 3 months an automatic warning to be issued every next three months and if still no activity,  then the group to be automatically closed?

6. A lot of time is waste in selecting more  "tags" (if we don't chances the post to be view by those who would be interested are less). Tags are a JUNGLE of similar or same words separated or ended by dash, underscore  space or dot. Can those be automatically replaced by ONE tag only or some sort of cleaning the registered tags to be performed by the Administrator?

7. Sort list of postings by "Likes", "Views", Replies", "Bookmarks", "Votes" (if there are votes).

8. Filters by "Viewed by me", "Comment by me", "Liked by me", :Voted by me" (if there are votes).


I am leaving room for You to continue the list. Thank You All !