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Updating All Sheet Formats for a Drawing

Question asked by John Howell on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by John Howell

I have an AddIn that I'm adding a function to, using SetupSheet5, in order to update the Drawing Format on all the sheets of a given drawing. We've moved them around over the years and legacy drawings are pointing to sheet formats that are no longer desirable... and we want to update them automatically whenever the drawing changes.


The problem that I'm running into is that, using SetupSheet5, if the NAME of the format (whatever.slddrt) doesn't change, Solidworks won't update the format (graphics) on the drawing... and unfortunately most of the actual format names are the same - just in a different location.


Now - I can likely get around this by having a dummy template somewhere named something completely different, like x.slddrt, that I can switch to, then switch to the desirable one - which will then have a different name, so it should update.


I'm hoping there's a better way - like a programmatic way to trigger the "Reload" button.


Thanks for any help.