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SW 2016 WPDM - Check-In Issue

Question asked by Aaron Rupp on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by Bryce Hooper


I have an issue with Workgroup PDM that has cropped up after we updated to 2016 earlier this week.  We have been using WPDM for the last 3-4 years and I am pretty well versed with the software but this has got me stumped and I am quite frustrated.


The problem is that whenever I or another user does a check-in, SW always finds a bunch of files as "different than the version in the vault" even if they were taken directly from the vault and updated (or not).  I have to force SW to send up any documents that have changed.  This works but is very annoying.  In the file explorer these documents show the green icon if they have been updated, but will still be red in the check-in box. 




I have seen the check-in box do this in previous releases, but only when I have accidentally reused a file name and it already exists as a different component in the vault.  I know this is not the case because I can check out an assembly (after cleaning out my local folder), immediately try to check it back in, and the same components are still highlighted in red.


I have performed a vault validation and rebuild but this did not fix the problem.  I may try to do a software repair on the server installation later.


Does anyone have input on this issue?