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Close a card with a button (EdmCardFlag Enumeration)

Question asked by Nicolas Ziegler on Jan 8, 2016



I want the card to save and close after it is done doing something triggered by a button.

I have obviously added a hook EdmCmdType.EdmCmd_CardButton to link my card button to perform this action.


Like described at the end of this example, it is possible to:

Close the card automatically after the button handler returns by setting the EdmCmdData::mlLongData1 variable to one of the EdmCardFlag constants.


Looking at the EdmCardFlag Enumeration, EdmCF_CloseDlgOK is exactly what I need.

My problem is that I can't figure out how to pass back this structure to the handler. I tried different things but none of them work.


With the following code I managed to change the value to 1 but nothing happens, the card does not close:


                    If pomd.mbsComment = "Test" Then
                        'Button "Test" clicked
                        poCmd.mbsComment = "OK"
                        MsgBox(DirectCast(ppoData(0), EdmCmdData).mlLongData1)
                        Dim pppoDataTemp As EdmCmdData = ppoData(0)
                        pppoDataTemp.mlLongData1 = 1
                        ppoData(0) = pppoDataTemp
                        MsgBox(DirectCast(ppoData(0), EdmCmdData).mlLongData1)
                    End If


Any suggestions?