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How to create a fabric cover for a 3D model

Question asked by Bevin Pettitt on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by Bevin Pettitt

I want to make a soft fabric cover for a machine that I have modelled below.  But I don't know where to begin.

I need to make a series of patches that I will sew together. The cover will not be a tight fit and only needs to hang loosely over the machine.

I have done this before in Sketchup with models that have had only sharp corners which made it very simple to draw triangles of the various high points.  I want to use SW for this cover which will have arcs as you can see.  I add that it doesn't have to look tailored or pretty.


What techniques\tools should I use?  I presently have SW 14 and shortly will be obtaining SW 15.




grinder 1.JPG

grinder 2.JPG