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Motor's velocity is ~60 times larger than what it should be

Question asked by Roberto Abban on Jan 8, 2016

Hi friends,


I am working with Motion Analysis. In my simulation, I set the motor's velocity using a c# macro (VSTA).


Basically I write my macro based on this example.


I changed the linear motor in the example to a rotary motor to suit my model.


Each time an output-time step happens, I increase the velocity of my motor 1 (deg/s). However, when I run this macro, the actual velocity increase at each output-time step is ~60 (deg/s). The consequence is that my vehicle moves much faster than expected.


Here is some extra information about my setup:

- FPS: 500.

- Tried both "Data Points" and "Expression" for motor profile (of course I set these values to 0 before running the script). The results were the same.

- I logged the arrMotorValue variable (this is, according to the example script, the motor's velocity) at each time step to a text file. After that I checked the text file, the value of this variable was as I set.

- The velocity measurement was carefully checked, so I believe the measurement results were correct (I mean the vehicle really moved 60 times faster than expected).

- I use SW 2014 SP5.


Please help me to figure out what's wrong here.


Thank you very much.