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Configuration Publisher not operating when part has CPs and RP

Question asked by Mladen Pavlovic on Jan 7, 2016

I have this issue since we installed SW in my office. But i was not planning on using it so i did not bother on chasing the fix for it. Now i have decided to find a solution to this problem.


We are designing mostly piping systems with various tanks and attachments. All of them use flanges for connections. As we have plenty of configurations (some flanges have 300+ configs) i wanted to save time on scrolling through the drop down default menu (finally, i know). So the problem is that when a part has CPs and RPs (for non-routing peeps those are necessary Connection and Routing Points). When create a duplicate part as a test with suppressed CPs, publisher is working (see image 1 below). Once part has CPs config Publisher is simply not working (see image 2). I get the same drop-down menu. I made publishers on other parts that we have that are not routing components, and publisher is working OK.


any help on how to go about this issue.





                                                                                       Image 1




                                                                                       Image 2