Anne Yust

Twin Cities COSMOS User Group meeting

Discussion created by Anne Yust on Oct 17, 2007
We had 44 attendees at yesterday's Twin Cities COSMOS User Group meeting. It was held at the modern Chanhassen Library in the Wilder Room, an excellent and spacious location for our meeting. The first speaker was Tim Newton from Symmetry Solutions, who gave a presentation on COSMOSWorks Fatigue Analysis. One of my favorite statements from Tim was something like, "If you spend a day without learning something new, it's a day wasted." I agree!

Due to a late flight, we had to shuffle the schedule and have Chris Wagner of Ecolab speak next. Chris graduated 4 months ago with a degree in mechanical engineering, and my first e-mail this morning was from him about yesterday's meeting:

"Anne -

I want to drop a quick line of thanks. This is my first COSMOS user group meeting and it was pretty awesome. I enjoyed the fact that Vince Adams and Tim Newton were able to give presentations and answer a multitude of questions from the audience, it was a very valuable experience. After the meeting, the ride back to Ecolab with my co-workers was filled with enthusiastic discussions about the new features coming out in 2008 and the different analysis strategies/packages we were exposed to at the meeting. I am definitely looking forward to the next session.


This is why we have user group meetings, and why I take a vacation day twice a year to host them!

Vince Adams of SolidWorks arrived from his late flight shortly after Chris began his presentation on FEA in Snap Fit Design. After Vince hung up his rain-soaked coat, he went right to the front row (corner), hooked up his laptop, and participated in the presentation. Chris finished early, but Vince challenged him and the audience with a different way to analyze things. Chris wrapped up his presentation about 11:25, and the Subway subs were to arrive at 12:00. So I asked Vince to begin his presentation, and he was all too happy to comply. The subs arrived on time, but Vince wasn't finished. At about 12:20 we broke for lunch.

Somehow Vince didn't notice the 1-hour lunch allotment on the agenda (that's OK, Vince!), which turned out well, because we had so much information to share! Vince played an instructional presentation during the last half of lunch, then he resumed his presentation that he had begun before lunch. Vince is a former instructor (professor?) and one of the most enthusiastic speakers you'll ever hear. I didn't hear Vince promoting his book on FEA, so I will. It's called "Finite Element Analysis" (imagine that!).

Our final speaker was Balaji Chanrasekaran of SolidWorks. Balaji has two masters degrees and always gives great practical examples of his technical presentations. His topic was Working With COSMOSMotion in 2008. Balaji has a great understanding of all COSMOS applications and answered all questions from the group.

The meeting ended with, as usual, prize drawings. This time SolidWorks sent some nice Columbia fleece vests with the SolidWorks logo. They were gone in a flash! Everyone who attended was able to get either a vest, a coffee tumbler, a cap, a pen, or a shirt, all with the SolidWorks logo.

I think everyone enjoyed the meeting. Thanks to all our speakers for giving excellent presentations. The next meeting will be held on April 17, 2008 at Ecolab in Eagan.