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ActiveX Control not present from eDrawings 2015 + 2016 SP1

Question asked by Peter Rößler on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by Peter Rößler

Hello together,


my name ist Peter and I'm cominng from germany. So, please excuse my

english in advance.


We're working since 16 years with SolidWorks and since at least 10 years

with a self developed MS Access-Application/VBA together with embedded

eDrawings ActiveX-Controls in MS Access-forms, controlled via VBA code

in Access.


This database ist still running stable on several machines with

- Windows2003R2 X64  or Windows7 X64

- Office 2003 Prof. 32 Bit

- eDrawings 2013 32 Bit


Now we need to make a big step forward to

- Windows2012R2 or Windows7 X64 (later, surely, Windows10)

- Office 2003 Prof. 32 Bit (later Office 2013)

- eDrawings 2016 64 Bit (32 Bit no longer available since 2015)


Unfortunately that fails. After days of trials and searching the internet

my result is:


Up to eDrawings 2014 32 Bit everything runs well.

No matter, whether using eDrawings 2014, 2015 or 2016 in 64 Bit:

I never get offered the necessary ActiveX-Control.


In the attachment there are screenshots to make clear what I'm

talking about. As you can see, with 2013 32 Bit there ist the

ActiveX-Control in the list off offered controls. That works up to

eDrawings 2014 32 Bit. It works on all available Windows Plattforms.

But if eDrawings 2016 64Bit is installed, thit control is missing.


This Access-application ist very, very important for us. So I MUST

find a way to work further with it AND the latest version of eDrawings.

Hopefully anybody here has an idea for that.