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Dell M90 vs. Dell 6300

Question asked by Rhett Rathbone on Oct 17, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2007 by Rob Rodríguez
I currently have a Dell M90 w/ 4GB of RAM and the nVidia FX2500Mcard. Has anyone had a chance to do run tests comparing theprevious top-end CAD mobile workstation from Dell (the M90) withthe latest and greatest Dell 6300? I understand that the new laptopuses a different series of CPU's and will of course be the 'latestand greatest', but the memory still is maxxed out at 4GB.Currently I do heavy work with large assemblies and could use theadditional memory, but I have a greater need of being mobile, hencegoing w/ the M90 on a previous purchase than a dedicatedworkstation. Is this new version of greater benefit to those usingCOSMOS, and is there any hope that Dell's new version will addressthis issue (more memory) in a later version? Any commentswould be appreciated...