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    Linking Dimensions Using Global Variables

    Michael Pell

      Entering = sign and picking dimension




      =D1@Sketch1  doesn't work.


      When I enter = it turns red, and picking a dimension populates as shown above, but clicking green check does nothing and dialog remains open.


      Is it because I'm using student edition?





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          Leszek Paprota

          Hi Michael,

          do you have the dimension name in quotation marks? like this:


          ="Drill Angle@Sketch6"



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              Michael Pell

              Yes, syntax looks exactly like that.  It does so when I pick dimension, it just looked different on the post. I saw that after I posted and thought it may be a ?.


              It is populating correctly. I even tried it manually through Tools | Equations  Value / Equation field.


              When I paste it in a green check appears in the field but clicking it brings up dialog saying there is a syntax error in the active Equation.


              Is there a way I can send screenshots?


              After reading other posts, some had issues with Windows update  KB3072630.


              During install I had a message dialog referring to that update.


              I'm running Windows 10 with auto updates and when that message came up I checked update history and KB3072630 was not on the list.


              Could that have something to do with it? I don't have disappearing tool bars, but I also don't have balloons when I hover. Just wondering!


              Thank you for helping


              Michael Pell