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Problems with lightweight sketch-patterned components

Question asked by Tyler Hilgendorf on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Manuel Campos Costa

I have a very large assembly I am working on, so I spend most of my time in Large Assembly mode with all lightweight components. However, every time I open the model or one of its sub-assemblies for the first time (such as first thing in the morning when I begin working), I get a whole bunch of rebuild errors, where none were before when I saved and closed the model.


I've found the source of the errors to be a few sub-assemblies buried deep in the model that have parts patterned using Sketch Driven Component Pattern. Selecting the seed part of the pattern and doing a "Set lightweight to resolved" command clears the error and resolves the issue. I don't want to have to do this every time to clear the error, so I tried setting the pattern to refer to different features of the part (first the origin, then a reference geometry point, then a 3d sketch point), but each time, switching the part back to lightweight made the error re-appear.


Is any way to avoid having to open the sub-assembly and set the part to resolved every time? Any other work-around to this issue that will be permanent? I'd like to set the part to never load lightweight, but all I can find are the general solidworks settings to "Automatically load components lightweight" and "Always resolve sub-assemblies", etc. but nothing that applies only to a specific component.