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FYI:  Autodesk licensing changes

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Jan 6, 2016

I hate Autodesk based on a past incident where they screwed me over.


I swore I'd never do business with them again, but I got sucked into their vortex because I own NEI Nastran In-CAD, which they purchased.


If I didn't switch over to Autodesk, I would lose all support for the software.


I was only offered a network license, and have had the worst time using their server utility to run on a single PC.


also, my maintenance was about $800/year under NEI and now Autodesk is charging $1600.  And this with almost NIL in enhancements.  The program seems to function much like it has for the past several years.  One more reason to hate them.


But just so we can see how other companies are doing their licensing, here's an article:


Please offer your thoughts and feedback on how they are planning to move forward compared to SolidWorks new policies.  It's all a little confusing.