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Question asked by Chris Clouser on Jan 6, 2016

I have a couple things to say.


There's a lot of complaining on the forums right now over the 2016 release.  I'm personally very frustrated.  Many people are frustrated, and feel like they are not being heard.


I started using SW in the late '90's and have probably over 50,000 hours using it.  I have probably 3000-4000 hours using Simulation.  I have over this time reported well over 100 bugs and dozens upon dozens of enhancement requests, many of which have been implemented to the betterment of your product.  I've used SW at countless companies, for countless clients, and many of those are using SW today because of my personal recommendation.  So I've put my professional reputation on the line for you guys.


Many people here on the forums complaining have a similar tale.  We are your backbone.


First I want to point out that this "negative feedback" is a good thing.  As all the engineers here know, no control system can be stable without negative feedback.  Positive feedback is nice as well, but it won't keep your system from going critical.  We are like a personal trainer, yelling, "get in shape!"  Without that stimuli over the past 20 years, I'd love to see what your product would look like today.


If you only want positive feedback, just listen to all your lightweight users.  Yea, those guys with "massive" 20 part assemblies.  You know, the ones with parts having a dozen or so features in their part tree!  The same users that don't know what multibody means or that don't understand that the reason they can't often section something where they want is because of the Zero Thickness Geometry flaw in the Parasolid kernel.  It's these amateurs that will really keep you smiling.  Oh, but ask them and they're experts.  In fact, I rarely find any SolidWorks user that isn't a self-declared guru.


And since there's more of these guys than actual power users, maybe their voice weighs heavier with you?  Who knows.   Some of these rubes actually think that ZTG is a godsend and that it shouldn't be fixed.  That must tickle the ears of corporate, knowing just how challenging this major flaw would be to fix.  And it's deficiencies like this that keep SolidWorks labeled by the industry as a mid-range product.  And I was under the impression that you wanted to run with the big boys!  Or is it that Dassault wants to limit SolidWorks capabilities just enough so that abortion called Catia can remain viable?


Since I've been providing so much "negative feedback" lately, though, I thought it only fair to give a little positive. I want to say thanks to all the SW employees busting their humps in the trenches trying to resolve our issues and doing their best to represent the users. I'm assuming right now there are a few people at corporate trying to resolve my critical issue.  Thanks!  And good luck! (BTW, already crashed this morning and have not done one single minute of productive work on SW)


I think it would be a great idea for you to do a promotional video of corporate and how things function behind the scenes.  Let us meet the team.  Follow an enhancement request through the process to implementation.  Follow a bug through the process to the fix.  Look at how new ideas (like the failed, new interface) goes through committee to implementation.  Etc.


Make it a series vis-a-vis The Office, that has an episode on the customer portal maybe once a month.


I think, unless there is total dysfunction on display, this may help us understand and maybe better appreciate how and why things are being done the way they are.


And, please, give us some feedback on the problems we are having.


Your program is extremely important to many of us, as one of our chosen tools to earn a living and feed our family.  You can only imagine how extremely frustrating it is when our ability to do so is hindered by various corporate decisions and improper protocol at releasing new versions.  I say this because 2016 should NOT have been released.  The BETA process is horribly broken.  I'm suffering greatly because of it.


Please, let us know that we are being heard here and that our needs come above all else.


Gian, your response below??