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    Can I offload Cosmosworks simulation?

    Valentin Leung
      Hi everybody,
      I start to run some simulations on Cosmosworks and it takes long...very long... I don't have a lot of elements (5k), not a lot ofcontact (some surfaces), I am currently snapping a plastic partinto another one, I use nonlinear (maybe should not but the staticanalysis fails). I launched it one hour ago and it's stillcrunching like mad.

      My boss just start to see that I am not that productive...Solidworks is locked during the simulation... so, my question, isthere any way I can load the simulation on another computer while Ican get back working on other pending projects?

        • Can I offload Cosmosworks simulation?
          genexxer genexxer
          But that's the rub. Single window interface is verrrrry elegant but it will drive you into HR if long solve times continue to delay other modeling. Another pc gobbles up another license even if you are logged on both of them. And using the home use license concurrently is breach. So if your productivity increase is more than another license on a yearly basis then buy that thang. Funny how solidworks/cosmosworks is $8995 and always has been but you need two licenses to be as productive as the ansys workbench hooligans possessing just one seat of ansys workbench.

          Or export to Geostar. The solver runs and solidworks is available, simultaneously...and no breach. boogie oogie oogie.
            • Can I offload Cosmosworks simulation?
              Valentin Leung
              Thanks for your reply,
              so one of the big solution would be to pay another license... thatshould be possible.
              I also thought about Ansys workbench but when my boss purchasesolidworks he wanted an all-in-one solution. Is Workbench thatgood? (I have learn Ansys Multiphysics at school but workbench isunknown to me).

              Exporting to Geostar? we can do that?
              I just found out some geostar help in my drive... it would be nicefor me to have it run in another window.

              Can you give me some info about that?
            • Can I offload Cosmosworks simulation?
              Andrey Alyamovskiy

              You can run one more session of the SolidWorks. But you shoulddo it before! to start of the COSMOS solver. If you have thenetwork license it will catch additional license. Local licensewill work properly.

              Then you should change (decrease) the priority of the STAR (orNSTAR) task in the Windows Task manager.

              Naturally it is not correct to edit the same model that is usedfor FEM, but another model can be edited and analyzed.

              • Can I offload Cosmosworks simulation?
                genexxer genexxer
                I am no cop, but I don't need the cops closing me down over piracy. Review the EULA for single session protection verbage prior to doing this on a production data set.

                I could never get performance enough after firing up another solidworks session. I always ended up rebooting since the pc became frozen. I am using 3.00GHz Intel pentium 4 processor that was high end in 2004.
                  • Can I offload Cosmosworks simulation?
                    Jim Zink
                    The license agreement restricts you to running on the software on one *system* at a time. You can run multiple sessions and it will take only one network license.

                    Obviously, running multiple SW/CW sessions requires decent hardware. A Core2 Quad system with 4 GB RAM and entry graphics would start at under $2500.

                    The FloWorks solver can be set to run on a remote system. This requires a floating license, but only 1. All of the pre/post processing - and progress viewing takes place at the client.