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SW2016 is from the DEVIL. Specifically section view to a depth.

Question asked by Jory Blagden on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

Have a drawing of a full 19" rack with 2400+ parts. Some of the parts are imported from the vendors (mostly Pro E) and a bunch of them have import errors such as missing surfaces or other stuff that won't ever import from Pro E (which is typical.)


If I do a "section view" and go 3" deep, every part in the rack that has an import error shows up in the section view whether it is in the 3 inch depth of cut or a million inches below or above it. SW 2015 didn't do this. I had this 15 page assembly drawing ready to plot then we upgraded. I have spent two full days of time trying to fix the view that are all jacked up. I started to "hide component" the things that are messed up. It hides them in the view on the screen, but the tab preview for each sheet still shows them and they still print.


Can someone please stop making changes to stuff just because and fix the actual problems? You know that we can't always import vendors parts from .stp files. They never heal. We might as well just draw them all from scratch and save all of our trouble no matter how long it takes us. I'm very mad at this software currently. I've been running 2016 for two weeks now and haven't got two days worth of work done. Every single time I turn around, it crashes, locks up, deletes parts, or won't do what we have been doing for years.


Brand new BOXX 4.00GHZ workstation. Brand new install of Windows 10. Brand new, clean install of SW016. Fresh install of EPDM. Everything crashes and nothing works. Very disappointed in this new release to say the LEAST.