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        Brad Ball

        As did Cadkey (now KeyCreator) a number of years ago. All new icons and colors. User outcry on that was also pretty intense, such that an option to use a "classic configuration" or something of the sorts was offered in the next service release. Hopefully whomevers idea it was to create this mess gets told to fix it and fix it fast.

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          Rudy Vandenbelt

          Actually there are HUGE differences in UI between the 2016 Outlook and 2016SW.  It seems that the difference is that Microsoft still recognizes the need for visual and color based cues for different functions.


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            Worth Berry

            I try not to get caught up in the emotions of others, I make my own mind up. Having said that, I installed 2016 a few weeks ago. I have only been using the software for about a year, so I'm no expert. I have developed a visual memory of the icons, colors, keystrokes and mouse clicks in my short time with the software. I can sadly say that I am lost now. My confidence of choosing the correct icon or series of mouse clicks to preform a task has been killed. Although the general placement of the icons hasn't changed, the split second visual confirmation has. I too find myself second guessing my workflow and actions. The text contrast as mentioned above in reference to Outlook is of no issue to me, icons and their colors are. I also have left work with eyestrain headaches for the first time in my life this week. I have literally forced myself to get up and walk away from the computer losing valuable work time. I can only imagine the frustration that the veteran users are experiencing. I applaud your direct contact with the users and their feedback. I hope to see the old icons back in the very near future Thank you.

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              Rudy Vandenbelt



              How old are you and do you wear glasses?  Softer contrast causes eye strain, and as the eyes age they become less able to delineate in low contrast environments.  Trust me on this!


              Finally, The Outlook menu bar that you have shown is used sporadically as you interface with Outlook.  The Solidworks menu bars are used continuously as you interface with the software.  If you look at the top menu bar in Outlook 2016 you will see that Microsoft kept the colors.  I wonder why they decided to do this?


              Looking "nice" and being "modern" or "different" should not be the primary gauges in designing a UI for any software or product that is intended for continuous use.


              Sorry ... but I guess that the answer to your question is it doesn't matter if you "like it"... what matters is that the product or software is easy to use by your target audience in the way that is intended.  Clearly from all the complaints, SW2016 does not meet this basic standard.  Oddly, all the versions before it did!

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                Michael Greis

                To Tom Spine:


                The bottom line here is quite simple. All aspects of the UI should be able to be personalized by the user, period. Then this whole issue goes away. I have worked with many software's, and that is the case with all of them. I can't begin to understand why there would be any reluctance from Solidworks to accommodate this. It really should be a non-issue, just choices. Please just give control to the user as far as setting the display preferences, key shortcuts, mouse function, and be done with it. Thank you.

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                  Jory Blagden

                  I just wish I would have done my homework and read all this stuff before updating 5 user's machines and our EPDM vault to 2016 two weeks ago. If I would have know it was going to turn out to look like Microsoft 365 and their 3 crappy color schemes, all of which are horrendous, I would have never moved away from 2015.


                  SW developers.....can you please at least tell us you ARE going to change it and WHEN this might occur? Today would not be too soon. I think it is apparent that this has disrupted 99% of the users and have 99% of those 99% wanting to uninstall and buy something else. Please...PLEASE....revert back to the 2015 scheme.


                  THEN you can go back to trying to make this software stable. Now that we've opened and saved some of the files we have worked on in 2016, I'm guessing it is impossible to revert back to 2015 and open the files 'saved in future version?' Pretty much screwed our selves with that deal.

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                    Andy Sanders

                    At my company, I will not update any computers to 2016 until there is clear direction on what happens with the UI in the future.


                    We usually wait until SP2 or SP3 anyway.  If it's going to be beyond that, we will wait longer.

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                      Greg Hynd

                      I know that they are working on the issue, through direct contact with Tom Spine. What I don't know or haven't been able to get an answer on is whether or not we will ever have the option to switch back to the old colour scheme/contrast. I like the look of the new icons, just not the colour and contrast. I was very thankful for the Christmas break as it meant I had a break from the headache and eyestrain, I was hoping it wouldn't come back...... it has. Going home each day feeling rubbish and more and more defeated. I just keep hoping it is going to be fixed so am sticking with it for now.


                      I think our best bet is to vote for this idea Create a "Classic" mode GUI option in SolidWorks 2016 that emulates SolidWorks 2015. that way if it is at the top of the list of ideas then it will have to happen at some point, just hopefully not too late for some of our careers.

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                        Wayne Schafer

                        People, relax and take a chill pill.  You have made your concerns known to the powers to be at Solidworks.  They know it is in their best interest to address the user interface issues.  Its not going to happen over night but I am sure it will happen sooner than latter.  There is no need to keep piling on Tom.  Think about it, I am sure you never made a design you had to take back.  I have 19 seats here and I would like to see a change to the interface just like you.

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                          Greg Hynd

                          Wayne, understood, something will be done, just hope its the right thing. Shame we weren't listed to at beta though, then this wouldn't of happened. Will keep taking pills, just not the chill pills you recommend, I only have paracetamol here with me....

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                            Ronald van Til

                            It seems like things were mentioned in the Beta stage, this was ignored (not entirely, the 3 grayscale option was created as a stopgap) mostly. Since the yelling began things start to move, so this has a purpose....

                            • 41. Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface
                              Andy Sanders

                              I am chilling....and waiting.  I just hope it isn't SW2017 before change happens.

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                                Brad Ball

                                I tend to think that the more we bother them with this the higher up the ladder this issue will go. I have been a user since 1998, and this is the first issue I have ever found a reason to throw my $.02 in. Don't tell me you're looking into it, tell me what you are going to do to fix it and when it will be done. When I make a mistake in a design that is what is expected of me, the same should apply to Mr. Spine.

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                                  Randall Hutchison

                                  Don't spend as much time staring at Outlook as Solidworks. I can take the pain for a minute or two, not for hours on end.

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                                    Harald Vogel

                                    OK. I'll lean back then and wait for some results to show up. Hope you don't mind.




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