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        Jory Blagden

        Umberto....believe me, there is no lack of complaining and reporting going on here. It has got so bad that we have called our local retailer MLC-CAD to come to our office tomorrow to get all five of our workstations running. Now I'm locked out of EPDM server and I'm one the dayum administrators!


        The UI is one thing that we can all complain about but still get work done at the cost of frustration and eye strain......the fact that is crashes two to three times a day will be the last straw.

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          Rudy Vandenbelt


          In 20 years of using SolidWorks this is the FIRST time that I have actually "complained" in a public SW forum.  Why?  Apparently because I am "batty"!


          No offence please but you are doing a dis-service to all of us who have serious physiological issues (and I am not talking about going "batty") with the UI on this latest release.  This new interface ignores pretty much every basic precepts of psychology and visual ergonomics.  Read the comments please.... The people complaining are showing signs of eye strain, headaches, and work related stress.  These are the people who work on this software every day, 8 to 10 hours a day!  These problems are REAL!!


          Or are all  these people just "Batty".


          Really, please show a bit of respect for the ones (like myself) who have serious and real issues with the interface and limit your comments to something more constructive.


          Thank you



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            Michael Greis

            Good start. Thanks for addressing the user's needs. please also include giving control to the user to set the function of the mouse buttons as well. Real simple change, and it would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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              Steve Calvert

              Rudy, it does appear that many are having problems but it also seems that it is with the contrast between the new color icons and the background.  I can also remember when many users started using the wide aspect ratio monitors a few years ago, people would be complaining about them because the icons were too small but after a short while, their eyes got used to it because the icons were sharp and the resolution was high.


              When SW sends out the SP fix that includes a different background color hue, I'm thinking many of the problems will go away.


              I've been around in SW since before 2006 and before that Pro/E and before that Unigraphics and before that Cadkey and before that Drafting Table, I've seen many changes and ALL the time people complained after the new release came out.  People hate change.


              Just what "basic precepts of psychology and visual ergonomics" is ignored?


              Steve C

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                Ross Warren

                Most people I know never complain about change if that change is beneficial.  Changing the UI to a low contrast, non-color coded, hard to see interface is not  a step in the right direction,  even if it makes it look more like Pro-E.  You say people complained about wide-screen monitors? No one I ever knew has complained about gaining screen real estate.


                Changes made to the UI need to be vetted by real users, not a bunch of kid programmers making changes on the fly because they think it is "cool".


                The great thing about computers and programs is that they ARE or can be customizable with very little necessary code, so why not give people the best of both worlds. Let them set up schemes like Microsoft.  Let those who want to keep using "classic" do so, and let those who are 18 and have 20/15 vision choose the one for "polar bear in a snow storm" visibility if that makes them happy.


                Fixing slow response issues and crashes would be even better in the long run.

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                  Jory Blagden

                  "Let those who want to keep using "classic" do so, and let those you are 18 and have 20/15 vision choose the one for "polar bear in a snow storm" visibility if that makes them happy."


                  Preach it, Ross. Preach it. LOL My mustache is 24 yrs old by itself. LOL

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                    Brad Ball

                    There is nothing wrong with change if the change is an improvement. In trying to improve something for one small segment of the users it was forgotten or overlooked that the majority of all the users didn't have a problem with it. It is obvious that whomever came up with this didn't run it past the people that actually have to use this all day. Following this thread from the beginning and others indicate that there are other more pressing issues that could be taking up the developers time rather than trying to decide which shade of white on off white looks best. I don't care what you say about background hues, to me the best contrast is one color against another color.


                    And I have been using solidworks since 98, and Cadkey / KeyCreator before that and still, and before that AutoCAD, and before that Generic Cadd. And a little bit of MasterCam. I have seen lots of change, almost all of it good. This one wasn't. Hopefully SP3 fixes the mistake.

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                      Adrian Velazquez

                      Very interesting how this entire article is written in a contrast worst than the SW UI...


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                        Adrian Velazquez

                        So I guess that's why Adobe Phoshop is NOT popular at all, look at their interface those guys know nothing about UI design...




                        And this new CAD software no one is going to use because of their lack of color...


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                          Ross Warren

                          Maybe we can all save money by going back to black and white grey scale monitors.  Or maybe 64 shades of green or orange that we had in 1980.  ;-)

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                            Steve Calvert

                            Here's what I remember from a VAR (not mine) as the reason for the change.


                            If you have not already installed SOLIDWORKS 2016, you may be in for a surprise that leaves you a little ‘flat.’ At first glance you will think that something just seems odd, and you may even be frustrated that some of the icons are different. But, there is good news!

                            • SOLIDWORKS is not alone in making these kinds of changes.
                            • The changes are setting you up for new changes in technology and increased productivity.

                            FLAT DESIGN

                            A few years ago, with the release of iOS7, Apple completely changed their user interface to something called a flat design. At the time, many bloggers opined on the matter – some loved it, some hated it, and others thought Apple was already behind the times.

                            The main driving force behind the change came from the field of computer science where a flatter, less life-like interface was being pushed rather than adding decorative rivets and knobs to sound control panels or torn pages to the top of a calendar. Even the decorative graphics that made buttons look 3D were removed in place of slight color changes to specify what was ‘pressed’ and what was not.

                            Many other programs have since been transitioning from the 3D skeuomorphic (that is the technical term) user interface to a more 2D flat design. After all, monitors are flat and rivets and torn pages don’t really do anything to the functionality of the program. One could argue that they take away from the potential productivity of a program.

                            In addition, as more programs are transitioning toward cloud-based services (much like Conceptual and Industrial Design), they are opting for the flat design. By keeping with this look, SOLIDWORKS is staying with the two current trend of software engineering and the modern look of operating systems and programs.

                            CONVENIENCE FACTOR

                            Aesthetics aside, there are some very important reasons for the change from a program consistency and technological viewpoint: scalable icons that are consistent across the different SOLIDWORKS product lines. With the new face-lift to the User Interface, the SOLIDWORKSsoftware engineers not only took the time and remade all the icons to match up with their other programs like Conceptual Design, but made them vector-based graphics. This way, not only will you be more familiar with the interface as you move from one product to another during the different stages of product development, but as more computers are upgraded to high resolution monitors, the interface will scale appropriately. Ultimately, it is major convenience.

                            INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY

                            I have been working with 2016 for a few months now. Initially, I had some hesitation with the new look, but after working with it for a few days, I found my productivity had increased and much ease in navigating the interface.

                            SUBTLE ICON UPDATES

                            I found that many of the icon updates were subtle, and where they were not, they were made more intuitive. For example, the eyeglasses that used to represent the hide/show functionality have been replaced with an eye. Now that is a change to get behind; I just wish they would have changed the save icon to a USB dongle…

                            I didn't write this, Nic Rady at GoEngineer did, I just did a copy/paste to show the reasons behind the change.

                            Steve C

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                              Steve Calvert

                              Rudy, I see you've upset another with your terminology in another comment string.  "Granny factor"  I guess old habits are hard to break...


                              In that other "color" comment string many people complain about the color itself NOT the strain of the contrast.  I've read several Blog postings and they are all liking it and that you'll get used to it over time.  This is what I'm saying about the monitor size, us older folks had a real problem when the monitors got larger because now the icons could be smaller.  We screamed (not me because I listened to the others talking about "you'll get used to it because it's clear and sharp and easier on your eyes") at the IT dept. to make the icons bigger, we couldn't see them.


                              I personally think that if SW does anything, it will be to add more choices of themes but I don't think the colors of the icons will change.


                              Steve C


                              PS  I am colorblind but this isn't the reason I'm taking this stance.

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