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        Richard Wagenaar

        Back in 2005 Solidworks did have good contrast and user configurable UI colors.

        There were about 8 different UI colors possible and also use the Windows colors.

        This did work fine, no problems at all.


        In SW2005 there were no font problems with high resolution screens like we still have now.

        The UI needs to much space and to much mousemilage. Even the title bars of every

        window are about 150% of what they were in SW2005.


        But the most important regression needing the most additional work  is

        the "show last configuration" for parts with design tables. They broke that after SW2005.

        In SW2005 parts with design tables had the option  "show last configuration" for standard

        parts like bearings etc.  That was the only logical way to have many instances of a named

        part with  the same defined configuration. That saved us hundreds of errors and addition work a year.

        After a couple of years I sent in a bug report about this function not being available anymore.

        Guess what?  They told me to sent an enhancerequest as the support engineer did not know

        of this function that was almost 10 years available. Then I knew things were going to get worse.


        They broke some good working functions and are trying to fix little by little every year but it

        never get's as good as it was. 

        It feels like the good programmers are gone and new programmers are not able to fix the bugs

        after they change the software.


        Now we are 10 years later and these basic functionalities have regressed.

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          Jory Blagden

          I guess I'm an exception. The two main things I complete before starting on a new project is a drawing tree and a system wiring/cabling diagram. With these two things I have an anticipation of each and every component in the system. I use the drawing tree to track progress. Sure, it evolves during the design, but I normally get it close. I've always been an odd duck....but you are correct, grads today have no clue.


          Back to UI. [/derail]


          Carry on.

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            Tom Spine

            Hi Everyone,


            We wanted to give you a few more details on what is planned and on the timing.


            Code changes for SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP02 were locked down at the end of December and SP2 EV (Early Visibility) is planned for next week as we finish up final stability testing. SP2 contains over 200 customer-driven and stability fixes, so we need to stay on schedule with that as we continue to work on your important UI concerns.


            Among other things, 2016 SP2 includes:

            • Text contrast in the FeatureManager design tree: This issue is related to text color becoming gray instead of black when switching the Interface brightness setting. In SP0 and SP01, you can work around this problem by going to Tools, Options, System Options, Colors, Color Scheme Settings, and setting the FeatureManager Design Tree color to black. The issue is fixed in SP2.
            • Mate icons: A fix for an issue where assembly mate icons are not greyed out when an assembly part is suppressed.
            • Other fixes: About 25 fixes for issues related to the user interface brightness settings, most about problems with the Dark theme.


            But for much of your feedback, SP3 is the release target. For 2016 SP3, we are on track for:

            • Color icons:  An option will be added to provide more colorful icons, as so many of you are asking for. The icons representing the most frequent and visible modeling features (solids, surfaces, sheet metal, weldments) will be recolored to match the 2015 color scheme.
            • Background color: As with the color icons, there will be an option for a background color that closely matches 2015.
            • Hide/Show/Suppress states in the FeatureManager design tree:  We will address the issues regarding the Hide/Show/Suppress state distinction in the FeatureManager design tree by using a similar approach to SOLIDWORKS 2015. The change will include using “wireframe” icons for hidden state and improving the coloring of some of the current SOLIDWORKS 2016 icons so suppressed icons are more distinguishable (for example making the part, folder, and solid body icons blue instead of gray).


            We are also working on the issue about the sketch icon (crosshair versus pencil). If we can get this addressed in SP3, we will.


            2016 SP3 is currently scheduled to be in Early Visibility in mid-March and to go live in early April. We hope that users will sign up for and use SP3 EV since it will be the first “live” access to these changes. For more information and to sign up for early visibility, go here: https://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/EarlyVisibility.html


            We encourage you to continue the constructive feedback on the forums and we will continue to listen, reach out for feedback, and give you periodic updates.




            For a first screen shot showing what the new "classic icons" option will look like, see Feb 3 update: Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface


            For an update on SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP02 release, see Feb 17 update: Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface


            For an update on changes in SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP03 for the user interface, see March 23 update: Update on the SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP03 UI changes

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              Randall Hutchison

              Thank you, sounds like a very positive step. Looking forward to SP3.


              I would ask if you could also consider going back to the pencil pointer in place of the thin cross hair. At first I thought it not too big of a deal, but actually the more you use it the worse it gets.  I tend to pass my target line with the cross hair.

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                Tyler Kemp

                Thank you for the update. Im sure I as well as the other people closely following these updates would be interested in seeing some screenshots of the proposed changes once you have them available. This might also provide an opportunity to address additional feedback us users may have, although if it resembles the format we are currently used too , Im sure (mostly) everyone will be satisfied with the changes.

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                  Stephen Hudson

                  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!

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                    Glenn Schroeder



                    It sounds like you're addressing most people's concerns (I know you mentioned a couple of mine).  Just the tip about changing the FeatureManager tree text from the default dark gray to black helps already.  Thank you for the update.



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                      James MacPherson

                      Thanks Tom,


                      I like the new look of 2016, very old school.


                      I've looked for other's having an issue with the 'automatic' mid point line selection and was wondering if there is a way to turn this off or if there is, how? Also, it seems to be interfering when selecting a dimension to edit, one has to double click really fast otherwise you get only the value, not the advance edit box.

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                        Glenn Schroeder

                        James MacPherson wrote:



                        Also, it seems to be interfering when selecting a dimension to edit, one has to double click really fast otherwise you get only the value, not the advance edit box.



                        That's the new "Instant 2d" Sketch feature.  Click on it to turn it off if you don't like it.  (I do like it.)


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                          Paul Salvador

                          hmm,.. not one word on changing icons size, spacing and gaps?



                          Can you please just say,..  if the ICONS will or will not change is size, spacing and gaps?


                          SW2016 SP0 - I want my Icon real estate back!





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                            Andy Sanders

                            Thank you for listening and responding.  I look forward to seeing the changes.


                            SP3.0 is usually when we roll out a new release anyway, so this is welcome.

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                              Jim Steinmeyer

                              Thank you Tom. The update is encouraging and should go a long way to quelling the complaining.

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                                John Grimm


                                It seems 2006/7 is where a lot of regression happened, along with a new (slower) UI.


                                I too submitted an enhancement request once to get an old feature back, they closed it without a response.  Your conclusion seems correct, I suppose a lot of SW software engineers were still in junior high when I started using the software.


                                Does anyone remember this feature?


                                "Customer reports that in SolidWorks 2003, he was able to mouse over an edge in a drawing, and with dynamic highlight enabled, the edge would highlight in the active view AND the other projected views. This functionality was helpful in a complex part to know exactly where that edge was.

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                                  Ronald van Til

                                  Thanks a lot for the update.


                                  I may sound a bit sour, but the first half of this update was done and over with in december so could have been in the first post. The second half is full of 'enhancements' that are really regressions to where SolidWorks was in 2015 (that is what we asked for, so it's good - but applaud it as 'enhancements'...).


                                  I get the feeling that a lot of SolidWorks users are worried about where SolidWorks is headed and the way it is heading there. It is wonderful that SolidWorks is listening and responding to its customers, but it looks like efforts were put in areas where there was not really a need. Reading through this thread and reading the response of today I question if anybody is using SolidWorks at SolidWorks? And then I mean really using.... not playing for half an hour and then doing something else. Such obvious problems as a greyish color in the featuremanager tree when changing the color scheme and not-greyed out mate-icons when suppressing parts must have come up earlier I think. Or these issues were created when the two additional were created as a stopgap solution before SP0, in this case I'm holding my breath for SP3 when a lot of people are planning to make the plunge. I paid my license fees for the next three years last year and all of my customers are in the same boat (they all conformed to SolidWorks and I made it my specialty, so switching is out of the question for the time being) so threatening is of no use. SW2016 has its good sides (it is capable of handling scanned files with more than 20K faces better finally), but it also crashed four times in one day last week without being able to use the recovery files. I have mixed feelings... Now I am going to bed .

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                                    Ronald van Til

                                    It looks like a lot of new stuff (or old, depending how you look at it) is happening in SP3, so maybe it would be better to wait until SP4....

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