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        Nick Birkett-Smith

        Randall Hutchison wrote:


        Please expedite this fix. Programmers that do not use the program as we do probably do not really understand how serious this is and what we are going through.


        The response I received from the technical support request today 01/06/2016 (SPR 916882) was "we do not have current plans to change the color scheme".


        I hope your promise of a fix supersedes this SPR response.

        Hello Randall,


        You got that response from me earlier today, and yes this forum post from Tom does indeed supersede my comment. I sent a follow-up email to you directly but it got bounced back, so I've asked your VAR to pass on that second email to you.


        Thanks, Nick

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          Rudy Vandenbelt


          I am a 20 year power user (1995) with 3 seats on licence.


          I have to say that, unless it is fixed, the menu color choice in 2016 will be the last straw for me in terms of keeping SolidWorks on annual licence.  I cannot believe that this "upgrade" made it past your entire team and beta testing without objection.  The choice is in a word "Horrible". 


          The contrast is terrible. The delineation of functions via graphical cues is non-existent. The mono-color choice is more fashion than function... should I go on!


          Your guys need to admit that they were wrong, fix it for the sake of the users who keep you in business, and move on to addressing much more important issues in the code that need to be addressed.  There are too many viable software options available for you guys to alienate your customer base by ignoring this.



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            Ben D.

            Hello Solidworks,


            you must have not known, that blue is the color which brings the most stress for a human eyes. For example take this article:


            10 Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief - AllAboutVision.com

            Color temperature. This is a technical term used to describe the spectrum of visible light emitted by a color display. Blue light is short-wavelength visible light that is associated with more eye strain than longer wavelength hues, such as orange and red. Reducing the color temperature of your display lowers the amount of blue light emitted by a color display for better long-term viewing comfort.


            For this reason, I have purchased special glasses, which reflects blue color light, like these:



            What they do, is that they make the monitor look a little warmer, a little more "yellow" than "blue". This is a view sample:



            It has been a real deal breaker - no more tears, no more dry eyes, no more eye strain. I had to spend over 12 hours a day some times and I had no problems with eyes.


            And now, with SW 2016 you made everything BLUE. I am not sure how much this is related, and I haven't tried working with 2016 yet, but I surely think it will bring much more tension to your eyes.

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              Dave Hoder

              FWIW Autodesk did the same thing to Inventor about 10 years ago and promptly fixed it to add better contrast and readability due to user outcry. I'm sure I could get used to the new look but want to add my 2 cents and agree it's more difficult to navigate at a glance and I find myself having to focus to a pinpoint on each thing. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be

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                Adrian Velazquez

                Pretty interesting how this very Forum has about the same contrast in its interface, that affects everyone in SW....

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                  Adrian Velazquez

                  and this is outlook and SW2016 side by side:

                  note I changed the outlook theme for this pic, I have mine set to Dark Gray which has even LESS contrast.




                  Am I the only one that appreciates softer contrast?

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                    Jonathan Harder

                    Tom, thanks for listening and for the update. Hopefully this means that you'll add an option for a classic colour scheme. When I was talking to my VAR recently and asked about users' experiences with 2016, the tech mentioned that the new colour scheme was the most common issue that people had with it, so there seems be a significant number of us who would like this change.

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                      Bill Stadler

                      I just noticed the same thing with Outlook after my post.  LOL.  I have to admit though, we went from Outlook 2010 to 2013 a few months back and I am still getting used to the new look...

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                        Paul Salvador

                        ...well... personally,  this forums colors/contrast and outlooks are both poor... 


                        ...I just want my small 2015 icons/text/spacing (real estate) back.

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                          Umberto Zanola

                          Sorry but I need concrete solutions, not this PR stuff.


                          My main problem with SW is the GUI and the way you are developing it:

                          - GUI is the main reason of crashes on my machine (and recovery is disabled as it is more stable): change a color and it crash (sometimes...), load a big simulation and crash on saving the file (??) or closing SW

                          - GUI is inconsistent (and 2016 has old icons inside too, half done job...)

                          - Simulation is a mess, menu are not consistent as well (other users complained, but probably we are too few to rise seriously the issue)

                          - equations input are half way implemented

                          - you cannot lock the property manager on the right side and make real custom toolbars (load an old Unigraphics V18 and look at it a bit)

                            how can you tell us SW GUI is customizable?

                          - THE GUI FONT SIZE IS INCONSISTENT AS WELL (other users complained since 4 years ago)


                          It is your job, not mine, but  If your boss thinks it is a priority change the icons while the GUI is still a sort of PATCHWORK I think you will have some very bad surprise in the future as all the unresolved problems will came out at once.

                          Damaging the users and SW reputation as well.


                          some link

                          Consistent behavior of right-click menus in SimulationManager tree

                          Solidworks high resolution screen problems still not solved


                          And the most stupidest and scariest bug I saw on a software "final" release (SW2015 SP5)

                          https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/106564?q=SW2015%20SP5%20crashing%20on%20UI ←Fixed in SW2016!


                          I can accept this kind of things (but not happening simultaneously on the same SP) during a big software transition (UG to NX took a couple of version to get rid of some legacy UI, but we got full parametrization and formula input including if then statement on every command and the software itself was still solid rock instead of crashing on pushing the change color icon....), but if you read the forum I will find some problems are 4 to 10 years old and this is plain unacceptable.

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                            Ryan Braunstein


                            Our engineering & industrial design teams (12 licenses) have already started complaining wtihin 24hrs of upgrade, this color scheme is impossible to use. I can't imagine any young designers or engineers choosing to learn your software over CREO or SolidEdge given the difficulty of navigating toolbars and menus. As a user of both CREO and Solidworks (the choice used to be a matter of what we were modeling and our client's preferences), I will investigate with our team whether making the switch to another package is worthwhile.


                            Even the most basic knowledge about how the human eye perceives the color blue would have prevented your design team from implementing a low contrast mono-color blue scheme over a high contrast multi-color environment, astoundingly bad choice. Fix it immediately (back to the classic icons we are all familiar with) or risk losing our business.



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                              Ronald van Til

                              I agree with you Umberto. I am self employed and spent in excess of 70000 euro's on my two licenses SW (one Premium with simulation professional and one standard) with subscription fees and all. I would be happy if this money was spent on stability and useability instead of designing new looks for the UI (and subsequently force it upon the user).


                              As for the interface of Outlook and this forum; I do not spend 10 hours a day non-stop looking for functions and clicking on every button in Outlook or this forum. In Outlook I hit 'reply' and type some text.... In this forum I read a lot (and don't click at all) and hit reply now and then.... All in all no comparison to what I am doing in Solidworks..... As a side note; I dont like the new interface of Outlook neither (however it only cost me $200 or so - together with Word, Excel etc) nor do I like the new Solidworks forums (I don't seem to be able to find my answers as easy as in the old forums - it looks nice though as does SW2016).

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                                Ronald van Til

                                I'm surprised at this.... This issue is all over the forums, some at SW must have noticed it.... Nobody was talking about fixing anything until yesterday?

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                                  Robert Bettilyon

                                  I started working on SW 2016 since monday morning (have been using SW since 2004) and I am really disappointing and upset in what SW did to the user interface by making it all light blue/light gray. It is very irritating and hard to see. The icons on the feature manager tree is even more upsetting!

                                  When the icon is suppressed, it is to be dark gray. When the icon is hidden, it is to be clear with outside boundaries shown in black lines.

                                  The clarity of having yellow, green, and red icons was always pleasure to look at. No more of these icons with slash over!


                                  I hope and pray that SW has not gotten too big to the point where the attitude is “ We created this new release and if you don’t like it,
                                  too bad Charlie”. When SW comes up with a new release, I expect the efforts to be concentrated on part modeling features and assembly features.


                                  SW could do the whole world a big favor by coming up with a system with having the ability to picking out pre-shapes models and the dialog box would pop up and ask you what the dims to be. That would be a BIG break thru!


                                  SW better come up with a download from their website for the 2016 SW UI mess so we can continue to use the traditional and/or classic icons and colors and gain back more productivity!

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