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Help with a project

Question asked by Brandon Thompson on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by Christopher Estelow

Hello, i have to do a project for my high school engineering program where we 3D-Model an object of our choosing so long as it has more than 3 parts and contains a moving piece. My object was a kit to build a miniature forklift out of prefabricated metal pieces, screws, washers and nuts. The majority of the parts were easy to model because they were flat and fairly straight, only 2 curved ones. The problem that i have is with a specific piece it is not a 2D object that i can sketch on a flat plane and extrude, for instance most of the parts are rectangles, which is easy, sketch a rectangle and extrude the desired thickness. This part is triangle shaped with filleted corners, uniform thickness, and it looks like a cutout of a sphere. So it looks like you had a flat triangle and pressed it up against a ball so that the corners all bent in the same direction. I know the measurements for the radius of the sphere and traced the object on a sheet of paper to get the rest (this is still with the piece rounded), If i draw the sphere and create a reference plane tangent to the sphere that i can draw this triangle on to remove the loss of accuracy. now i need to know how to get the now rounded triangle off of the sphere so that i have a single object (the rounded triangle). If you have any other questions about the part i will be happy to help in what way i can with my limited materials.