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Von Mises result analysis help

Question asked by Phill Zaza on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by Ameya Wadekar

Hello i have make 2 von Mises tress analisis


First picture:full structure

Second picture:one i remouved 2 main T profile bar

thrid picture: Original struture


on the second picture the plate disepear

the yield stress point at 195000000 went on green mark on the second one (the weak one)

How can i "validate" the struture , is the von mise Max (on the scale) have to be my yield strenght


also, is that normal that my T profile ,when meshed went round, and not present on the result

I have try with other imported T profile, everything was looking normal


Why it is writen Default as machined

any good site to found more info on analisys


i did write Von Mises analysis because it was the default one

any other analysis is good to have a look for this kind of struture


yes a lot a question, i am starting...


thank you in advance


Picture 1

thank you1.jpg





picture 2