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Update Custom Properties - How do I use it?

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Sarah Dwight

I have tried to use Update Custom Properties, but cannot get it to work.

I add a task and it runs, but fails.

It seems that the information I enter into the Update Custom Properties window erases itself and becomes empty???

I tried it with a folder first (silly me), then tried it with one file.

SW opens, if it is not open, then shuts down and the TS says it has failed.

What am I doing wrong?!?

I edited the Task Title, Please add description to one file.

I Added File, .375X.625-SPACER.SLDPRT. [Is it the full stops? Does TS not recognize that as a valid filename? i will try another file.]

I changed the start time to a future time.


I selected Description, Text, and added a Value of $PRP:"SW-Configuration Name".


I waited for it to run. It ran. FAIL.