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Question using Property Tab Builder & Custom Properties & Setting  a custom Prop “Drawing_#” to be equal to $PRP:"SW-File Name"

Question asked by Robert Conklin on Jan 5, 2016

First I am running  SW 2014 SP5

In a part file (SLDPRT) I have set the following:

A Capture.JPG
Good works fine.

Pops up thusly in the Property Tab Builder:

B Capture.JPG

The tab builder design is thus:

D Capture.JPG

With a “text file” called “drawing_#.txt” to pull or select items from:

E Capture.JPG

So that I may pick if I desire say:

F Capture.JPG

Which makes this happen:

G Capture.JPG


Back to:

B Capture.JPG

After editing a field in the Property Tab Builder dialog user input box, say in “title line 1” or any other field that needs editing and
one applies changes with the value as shown above:

H Capture.JPG

One gets this in:

C Capture.JPG


The Custom Prop is no longer tied to the “SW-File Name”

Question how do I get the Custom Prop to stay tied to the “SW-File Name”?

It is as if it obtains the “Evaluated Value” and returns this “Evaluated Value” to the “Value / Text Expression” field upon apply.