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How to extrude cut from 3D sketch

Question asked by Andrej Marincic on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by Andrej Marincic

Hi dear sirs/madams,


i am completely new to SolidWorks, i am working on some kind of wooden casing.


I made a shape with loft, than some extruded cuts.


The front face of this housing is curved.


In this curved front face i would like to create plunge / pocket, 1 mm deep, with offset of 2.5mm from edges - so after extruded cut i would be left with 1 mm deep pocket and around would be 2.5mm thick edge. I would like to keep curved shape in this pocket (the same curvature as when face was not extruded).


As i understand i have to make this steps:


1.) make 2D sketch with Offset Entities (offset 2.5mm)

2.) make Project Curve, so previous 2D sketch is projected onto surface

3.) create 3D sketch, use Convert entities, to "convert" projected curve onto 3D sketch

4.) create 2D sketch with direction line (direction of extrusion)

5.) make Extruded Cut, 3D shape i created in step 3 as a shape, and line i created in step 4 as a direction, set depth 1mm


From step 1 to step 4 all good. But step 5 gives me really strange results. Result is not evenly created pocket, instead i get some strange pockets / shapes.


Maybe it is the problem in shape of my object/part (front is is wide and than becomes more narrow at the back), but i would only like to make 1 mm deep pocket, so i don't think this can be a problem.


Can anybody help please?


best regards,