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Arial Unicode MS font missing

Question asked by Andrew Best on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by Yigal Evron

Ever since I upgraded to Office 365 I'm getting an error when I try and save a drawing as a PDF. It says the Arial Unicode MS font is missing and I should check the SolidWorks help for how to install it. That's this page,


2015 SOLIDWORKS Help - Installing Arial Font


And it says to go into programs and features and change the office installation to add the font. But office 365 doesn't include that font so that's a dead end. So I would have to pay for the font if I wanted it.


My problem is that I don't have any non-english characters in my drawings which is what it says that font is used for. So why should SolidWorks be asking for it?


I did a little diagnostics and found if I save a blank drawing as pdf then it doesn't show the error, and I can add text notes to the drawing and it's still fine. But once I add a drawing view I get the warning. Doesn't make any sense. It does it for every different part file that I've tried so far.