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The Future of SW isn't in making holes, fillets or 2D drawings but in Advance Surfacing, Analysis and Optimization.

Question asked by Boyko Tchavdarov on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by Boyko Tchavdarov

When other Software challenging the ultimate design in efficient and effective performance, in energy saving,  We the SolidWorks Users,  continue to vote for more advance features and for more time saving options for making hole tools, fillets, and  2D drawings. Regardless that those could save from 10s to 10min of your design time,  that is not what will bring You in the Future ! - Look ahead in your near Future job when You have  to do Analysis & Optimization via Advance Surface Modeling before you vote. Thank You !


p.s. I suggested an idea "Flow Parametric Study that Minimize/Maximize a Goal " and up to this moment 14% of the votes are AGAINST !  - This is very much in support of my appeal to You.