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Filters do not work properly for Top 10 Ideas

Question asked by Boyko Tchavdarov on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by Boyko Tchavdarov

Filters do not work properly for Top 10 Ideas with Windows 7 and IE-10, I tried several filters and I got nothing in the list.

Besides, when filter is apply and one waits for minutes to see something - it is not clear, is the filtered  list empty or the web-code is still searching. Furthermore, after losing my patience I press F5 and the page is reloaded but it looks like it is not filtered. The selected filters are not shown.


In other words:  Filters CANOT be used in my Company installation of IE-10 under Windows 7. Please see the attached web-page after a filter is applied from the pull-down menu.


Am I the only one with this complain?