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VBA Editor isn't saving my work

Question asked by Tim Lewis on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by Blakely Watson

Less than a week ago, I posted this explaining my frustration with the VBA editor corrupting my SWP files.  Now, it's not saving my file at all.


I have the attached SWP file and want to change the "HelperMacros" module to include the modifications included in the attached BAS file (which are basically just modifying the last function in the module slightly).  In order to accomplish this, I remove the existing "HelperMacros" module, import the BAS file, and save the SWP file (using either Ctrl-S or the "Save" button).  The macro will then work fine as long as I have the VBA editor open, but once I close the editor, it reverts to the old behavior.  Opening the SWP file back up in the editor shows that nothing has changed.  This is especially strange since the timestamp on the SWP file seems to be getting updated (at least in this case) when I save the file.