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Is the native windows search supposed to work when EPDM is used?

Question asked by Brandon Anderson on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by Arto Kvick

So this is one of those questions that is so basic, that it's hard to know what to search for to find an answer so I'm just going to ask it. Sorry if this has been answered before.


We use EPDM and I've noticed that in any EPDM folder while using windows, and in the file open part of solidworks, the search field will not work. It's there, you can type in stuff, but it will not filter down the files in your folder. In a situation where I know the part I want is in the folder so I don't need to search all of EPDM, but there is a lot of files in the folder so I don't want to search manually, the windows search would be really handy. Is it possible for this function to work with EPDM? Or does it not work for anyone anywhere? If it can work, does anyone know how to make it work?