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PDM Standard Workflow and revisions

Question asked by Ethan Kay on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by David Chiles

I'm new to EPDM / PDM Standard and trying to set up a workflow with revisions.  I've done this on Workgroup and in Smarteam and it should be simple but doesn't seem to be.  I'm seeing that Solidworks PDM uses a field called "Version" for sequential number independed on revisions as a way to track the order in which files are checked in.


The revision scheme we use is primary and secondary numbering so the first check in of any file (EPDM version 1) will be A.00.  The secondary part of this will be incremented from 00 to nn until release, this should happen any time a file is checked in/checked out.  On release the secondary revision is dropped off and the file becomes Revision A.  When the ECR process is started for a released part the revision should become  B.00.


Below is the workflow I have set up. When I add a new file the revision is blank and the EPDM version is 1.  When I check in and out the version increments but there is no change to the revision.  If I run through the process on release the revision changes to A and when I move it through the ECR transition it stays at A until I check it out from the work in process node.  Then the revision becomes blank.   When I run through the workflow again to release the revision is again set to A.  So after a few passes through the process I am on file version 5 that has been released to rev A three times.  For clarity in our process the "Approved" state should be "Prototype", an the "No Approval Required" is for off the shelf parts.

pdm workflow.jpg