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    Card data disappearing in 2015.

    Larry Corbin

      Data from the drawing card is randomly disappearing when doing a save.  I am using $PRP:"Description" in both the model card and the drawing card and also use it to populate the drawing titleblock.  The model card seems to be fine but am losing information in the drawing card and  thus it disappears from the drawing.


      I did not have this issue in Solidworks 2015.  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.

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          Jeremiah Davis

          Hello Larry,


          For the drawing variable, try using the variable Block $PRPSHEET for the file extension .SLDDRW only.


          $PRP will pull the variable directly from the drawing file, $PRPSHEET will transfer it from the model.


          However, $PRPSHEET requires the drawing to be opened and saved in order to modify its contents.

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              Larry Corbin

              This will fix the problem with the drawing titleblock even though this was never an issue before.  Having said that something has changed in the way the data cards are populated.  In the past we filled out the part/assembly card and all tabs were updated. This is still true for the part/assembly cards; however, the data does not transfer over to the drawing card as it did before. It used to populate both the @ tab and the SHEET1 TAB but now it only does one of the tabs.


              Any ideas or should this be a new post?