Michael Hubbard

Installing Office Pro 2007 - 2nd monitor problems

Discussion created by Michael Hubbard on Oct 16, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2007 by Bill Hagen
I was running SW 2006 with dual monitors.  The second monitoris a 19" widescreen with a res. of 1440 x 900.  It wasworking fine.

I loaded SW Office Pro 2007, and now my second monitor hasproblems.  The proportions  got skewed, and everythingbecame elongated.  There is only one setting that will correctthe proportions (1600 x 1000), but now screen looks bad, writing ishard to read, pictures not sharp.  In fact, 1440 x 900disappeared as an option!!

I've reloaded the proper display driver (it's still listed as thecorrect SW driver).  I jumped ahead to the SW2008 driver. That didn't work.  I went back to the correct driver. Still, the second monitor is messed up.

Any ideas?  And why did SW cause this??