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Linear dynamics cwx 2008

Discussion created by genexxer genexxer on Oct 16, 2007
"Composite material damping" specified in the material properties assigns the value of damping ratio for the material. It isn't the damping coefficient, "c" that is in all the structural dynamics books. It means I can get whatever response I want out of the simulation as opposed to a simulation of real life response. damping should depend on the mass and stiffness of the system in the form of damping = 1/root(k*m) for a single degree of freedom. So if I use a heavier mass, the response at resonance should increase due to damping decreasing. That doesn't happen unless I also cheat by decreasing DAMP when I increase density. Without cheating, response turns out to be invariant with mass which isn't what I measure experimentally. now what? Cheating is fun but then the lightning strikes and I smell bad after.