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Our experience installing 2016 PDM Standard, SNL with SW2016 standalone licenses and then converting the standalone licenses to SNL

Question asked by Mark Stegall on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Charley Saint

Just wanted to share our experience with having SW2016 PDM standard and SNL for it installed on a server.  Initial installation went fairly smoothly.  The license key for PDM Standard was also the license key we used for installing SNL (at that point we only had SW standalone licenses). Very important when installing on a server that will function as a domain controller,  the server must be promoted to a domain controller before installing SQL Express.  If you install SQL Express first you will not be able to promote the server to a DC.  While there are
warnings about putting SQL Express on a DC, it is very functional for a small business that may only have 1 or 2 DCs and no dedicated database servers. The initial installation was from the Solidworks Installation manager.  Opening ports in the firewall for 1433,1434,3030, 25734,and 25735 is important.  Also changing SQL server to use 1433,1434 was
necessary since that is not the installation defaults.  These are in the installation notes but can be easily overlooked.


Everything came up running and remotely connecting with PDM.  SNL was working (the only SNL license was for PDM standard, the SW2106 licenses at this points were standalone).


Were we did run into issues was when we converted our standalone SW licenses to SNL.  Following the instructions sent for the conversion which replaced the existing PDM SNL license and added the other SW licenses.  Then SNL on the server stopped working.  The SNL Manager said it successfully installed the license but then the SNL manager could not connect to the license server.  The symptoms were that port 25734 would connect but port 25735 would not.  Support was certain that this was caused by installing SNL through a remote desktop session.  They recommended uninstalling SNL, reinstalling it using the SNL standalone installer, and activating it all using a local console login.  We did find we needed to change permissions on the folder for the standalone SNL install to allow "everyone" full control for it to install without a file access error.  This did not resolve the problem (we also found that installing SNL on a clean server even using a remote desktop session had no issues). They problem really appeared to be a corruption of the license file in the \program data\FLEXnet folder when the license keys were updated from just the PDM license. The solution was deactivating, uninstalling SNL then deleting the FLEXnet folder and then reinstalling SNL and reactivating.  BE WARNED that SNL was the only flexnet based license we had installed on that server at that point.  If you have other flexnet managed licenses on the same server you may wanted to move them first before deleting that folder so you don’t cause licensing issues with your other software.

Hopefully this is helpful so you don't end up spending a week talking to support.