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Solidworks high resolution screen problems still not solved

Question asked by Richard Wagenaar on Jan 1, 2016

I have been explaining the problems with high resolution monitors

for 3 years now and only some problems have been fixed.

I have posted many pictures in this newsgroup showing the problems

in the last 3 years.


Attached is a picture of the problems that do still exist.

There are still 3 different fonttypes in the UI of which there are 2

that do not change when Windows settings change.

These 2 fonts cause problems in high resolution screens.


I adjusted all Windows size fonts to be 11 points.

Menu text and RMB and tree text has a height 5 mm on my display.

Now look in the pics of the property manager and find these messages:


This text has a height of 4 mm

This text has a height of 3 mm !!! most used text !!!


You can only adjust the text that is 5 mm height, the fonts of

3 and 4 mm are hard coded. These are too small to use on 4K screens

at smaller size. As a result I only can use 2560x1400 at 27".

Many 17" notebooks already have much higher resolutions at 3840 pixels × 2160.

Eye  doctors tell you the correct fontsize is the smallest you can see times 2.

In Solidworks many people would not be able to do so.


I have shown in this newsgroups that the fontsize problems are a regression

since at least Solidworks 2005. In 2005 this was not a problem so SW2005

did support high resolution screens in the past. This has even been confirmed by

someone from Solidworks.


I am not impressed by the abilities of Solidworks to fix User interface

problems in a timely manner.

I have explained these font problem more than 5 times in the newsgroups

and also while doing beta.


I wonder why Solidworks only can fix X% of the UI problems and never 100%.

Why was it ever changed because it  was not a problem in SW2005??

This is basic functionality that is not a problem in Solid Edge or Autodesk Inventor.

It worked 10 years ago so why does it need so long to fix?


Together with the new bad color contrast of the SW2016 UI we think this

will be another release that we will not use.

Almost nobody of the beta participants was impressed by the new SW2016

low color contrast UI. We are a bit tired of new functionality which sometimes

are clear regressions while bugs are not fixed. It has been going on for years now.

I really don't understand that the new SW2016 colors were chosen for color blind

people, it rather makes all other users a bit color blind.