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    2015's New Sliding Mesh Technique in Flow Simulation




      The New Sliding Mesh Technique from 2015's Flow Sim is well good for rotating regions like fan/pumps, would it also hold good for Non-rotating regions also ?

      And, inorder to capture the video of rotating solid (fan blades/impeller) inside in post processing ? 




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          Boyko Tchavdarov

          Hello Ajay,
          I am still with SW2014 and have not tried the sliding mesh capabilities but from my general knowledge and experience there should be no reason to use sliding mesh in translational sliding between two fluid zones. You do not need sliding mesh when a flat solid wall is moving along it surface. In that case you should use moving wall boundary condition and assign a proper vector for the moving velocity (the vector MUST be in the plane of the flat wall !)

          Regarding the visualization of the rotating rotor, please provide more details of the issue you have encountered. Different
          type of  Flow Simulation results animations are possible.

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            Amit Katz

            If you want to create an animation of the motion of the sliding zone, you must run a time dependant study. Take care to manually set your time step and solution saving interval in accordance with the time resolution you desire in the post-processing results. You will need a lot of room on your hard drive, because each saved "snapshot" will be the same size as your full simulation domain.


            When you post-process your time-dependant study you can use the animation wizard to create time based animations of whatever plots or visualizations you desire.